Classic Ford Broncos Rebuilds Rides with Obsessive Detail

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Classic Ford Broncos

Ford enthusiasts find downtrodden old models and turn them into works of art.

The idea of taking an iconic vehicle and rebuilding it with a mix of vintage style and modern appointments isn’t exactly new. After all, the idea of restomods has existed for quite a few years now. But few shops take this process to the level that Classic Ford Broncos (CFB) does. And what they do is take old, downtrodden Broncos and turn them into actual works of art that also function like modern vehicles.

The formula they use to resurrect old Broncos is certainly nothing new, but the results of their labor clearly stands out. CFB starts with any Bronco built between 1966 and 1977. Then, they add new metal, drivetrain, bigger tires, big brakes, and an updated interior. But as you can see from this particular finished ride, dubbed “San Francisco,” the quality of work really sets them apart from the scores of other shops out there.

San Francisco started life as a 1974 Bronco commissioned by Ottawa Senators Left Wing Clarke McArthur. When you’re a professional hockey player, you need something to enjoy the brief Canadian summers, obviously. And what better way to do it than in a gorgeous Brittany Blue Bronco? With luxury interior touches like ball glove leather, Vintage A/C, and a custom stereo, this is anything but a basic off roader, however.


Obviously, this much perfection doesn’t cheap. But that money
buys you what is perhaps the nicest Bronco on the planet.


Not to say that McArthur doesn’t have enough power to conquer anything nature might throw at his old Bronco. As with most of CFB’s builds, this one has a brand new Coyote 5.0 liter V8 under the hood, with a 5-speed manual behind it. A 2″ body lift and 2″ suspension lift, along with 33×12.50×15 BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, provides all the ground clearance you need as well.

Obviously, this much perfection doesn’t cheap. You’ve got to have professional hockey player money to afford a $200,000 toy, after all. But that substantial pile of money buys you what is perhaps the nicest Bronco on the planet, and that makes it worth every penny.

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