Classic F-350 Is a Real-Life ‘Mater’

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1954 Ford F-350

Rusty, red 1954 Ford F-350 Stepside ready to dump bags of matching red mulch from its bed, once it gets some TLC.

The Ford Truck Enthusiasts Marketplace is great for finding inspiration for your next project, replacement parts for your daily driver, and odds and ends to make your truck’s garage a haven for all things Blue Oval. “Market Watch Monday” is all about spotlighting one interesting item up for sale, whether it’s a an awesome truck or a rare spark plug. Here’s what we found this week:

1954 Ford F-350 Stepside Dump Truck

1954 Ford F-350

Ever wanted a “Mater” to help you with a dirty job? You can’t go wrong with this 1954 Ford F-350 available in our Marketplace from a member in Asheville, North Carolina. The faded red exterior, ghost signage on the doors, and spots of rust here and there come together to give this truck a classic character you’re not going to find on modern pickups (especially those that try to wear this look despite their young age).

1954 Ford F-350

Inside the cab, you can see what the red paint used to look like when it left the lot decades ago. The rest of the cab will likely need some major refreshing to bring it back to how it looked in the showroom, though the cloth bench looks comfy enough. Plus, the access to the (brand new) battery is on the passenger side, so you won’t even need to pop the hood to get a jump should such a situation arise.

1954 Ford F-350

Speaking of the hood, under it is a 292 V8 from a 1959 model, which the owner says “runs very well.” The engine is kept cool thanks to a brand new radiator, while the hot gases are sent away through a new exhaust system. The F-350 also has fresh hoses, new brake shoes and lines, and a nearly complete rewiring of the electrical system.

1954 Ford F-350

The absolutely trick part of this particular F-350, though, is its dump bed. Once the bed’s wood boards are replaced and the dump pump is installed, the truck will be ready to lay down some fine red mulch to give your trees and bushes much needed protection. The old hard lines to operate the dump bed have been replaced.

The owner says he’s selling this truck because he already has a few projects on his plate already and doesn’t feel he “will have time to finish this one.” All this can be yours for $5,500, a nice price to bring this classic F-350 back to the workforce.

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