Question of the Week: What Color is Your 2019 Ranger?

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Are you considering a next generation Ford Ranger? If so, color away!

We don’t know which colors will be offered on the Ford Ranger when it returns in 2019, but we know that it’s being developed with some of the same people who created the Ranger currently sold in Australia. In the Land Down Under, the Ranger is offered in a wide variety of colors, including the four shown above.

For example, buyers can choose from Pride Orange, Aurora Blue, Race Red, and Frozen White, along with basic colors like black, silver, and other hues of blue. Colors vary depending on the trim, as well as body layout. Regardless of the layout or options, there seems to be at least one bright color for every Ranger buyer in the ‘ole outback, which we think it’s actually pretty cool.


The Ford F-150 is also offered in a variety of bright colors, including Race Red, Lightning Blue, Bronze Fire and White Platinum, among others. Between the current Ranger lineup in Australia and the F-150 lineup here in the US, there is a good chance that the 2019/2020 Ford Ranger being built in Detroit will get a wide color palette. Because after all, owners nowadays truly love to make trucks their own.

With that in mind, we come to our newest “Question of the Week.” Are you considering buying a new Ranger in a few years, if so, what color would you like it to be? Would you go with something bright and eye-catching, or will you stick with something more conservative?

Let us know!

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