Chinese Raptor Spotted in the Wild

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Chinese Raptor

Alt version of popular Ford truck confirms differences from U.S. spec Raptor.

Ford began shipping trucks to China roughly a month and a half ago, and even gave us a brief glimpse of their Chinese Raptors getting on the big boat. At that time, we could only discern what our eyes would tell us in regards to the differences between U.S. spec Raptors and those intended for Chinese consumption. But now, Car News China has finally spotted one in the wild and took the time to outline every single difference between the two.

CNC happened upon an Avalanche White Supercrew hanging out in the  city of Jinan in Shandong Province. Fresh off the boat and still wearing its protective plastic on the wheels, the Chinese Raptor was hanging out at a local Ford dealership. As we pointed out before, China is only getting the Supercrew Raptor – not the Supercab.

The trio of amber lighting across the top of the grill is absent on the Chinese spec Raptor, as they are only required by U.S. law for trucks of a certain width. The small, round lights under the taillights and on the front of the wheel arches have been replaced with black plastic. Halogen main headlights replace the U.S. version’s LED units. And the Chinese Raptor utilizes daytime running lights on the roof – two front facing white lights and two rear facing red lights.

The Chinese Raptor also comes with reflective 3M tape around the bed, which is required by law for all trucks. The total weight – truck plus maximum load – is also listed on the passenger side door by law. Finally, unlike the U.S. Raptor, the bed divider is fixed and cannot be moved.

All subtle differences (well, expect maybe the ridiculous tape around the bed). But undoubtedly, Chinese customers won’t care about making a couple of concessions just so they can get their hands on such an awesome truck. Now all they need to do is find a way to come up with the $81,450(!) base price.



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