China’s Raptor (Slightly) Different Than Ours

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Ford Raptor - China

Ford’s Chinese Raptors Aren’t Identical to America’s, But They’re Close. Well, Except for the Astronomical Price

China, as we’ve previously discussed, is just as thirsty for trucks and SUVs as America these days. And Ford fully intends to quench that thirst by shipping loads of F-150s to China. That includes the new Raptor, which kicks off the first-ever F-Series export to the country. So naturally, we wondered if the Chinese Raptor is the same one we get to flog stateside. And the answer is, well, pretty much.

While we have the choice of SuperCab or SuperCrew body styles, China is only getting the SuperCrew. The Chinese Raptor also receives a different instrument cluster, center stack and a slightly different rear brake light. The remaining differences are just as subtle, and all relate to the truck’s lighting.

Ford Raptor - China

The headlights might be the most obvious difference: Chinese Raptors don’t have an amber accent. There’s also what appears to be a halogen or HID lamp in place of the U.S. version’s LED lighting. The trio of amber lights running along the top of the Raptor’s grille have also disappeared. Those lights are legally required in the United States on trucks of a certain width, but they aren’t needed in China.

Out back, the American Raptor features a single small dot below each taillight, but the Chinese version simply has a plastic piece where the light goes. Outside of those subtle differences, the only deviation from U.S. to China is the price tag. We’re lucky enough to enjoy a base price of around $50,000. But because of China’s insane taxes on large luxury vehicles, the Chinese Raptor might cost double or triple that.

Ford Raptor - China

Regardless, the availability of Ford trucks in China is a good thing for both Ford and Chinese customers. The Blue Oval gets to make a healthy profit from the new export, and Chinese buyers can now get in on all the fun we’ve been having stateside for years.

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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