China Thirsty For Big Trucks, But Only as Toys?

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China to Become Ultimate Truck Playground for the Super-Wealthy

Here in America we tend to use our trucks as daily drivers and work horses. After all, that’s what they’re designed for. In China, the demand for trucks is young, and their intended use is a bit different. While Chinese typically associate trucks with farmers and construction workers, Ford wants to appeal to the upper-end of the market. And boy, is there one in China.

Namely, Ford wants China to view its trucks as “toys” for the super-wealthy. Big, loud and expensive toys. According to this video by NESN, changing the narrative will help sell more trucks in a land where their use is limited to certain roads and hours. It will be an interesting experiment that begins later this year when both Ford and GM hit the Chinese market with trucks. New wealthy owners are certainly looking forward to that.

Pricing will surely help shift the way Chinese view trucks, thanks to the cost associated with importing them. With taxes and fees, a Raptor will start at a healthy $80,000 dollars and run up to six digits. China will also charge a higher sales tax on trucks and pay large subsidies for electric vehicles.

Those factors will surely make it difficult for Ford to increase the number of trucks on Chinese roads. But Ford isn’t after volume. With demand growing by the day, those with the cash don’t seem to care about the financial repercussions. Much like Americans have had for decades, the Chinese seem to have caught truck fever.

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