Chocolicious Ford Tourneo MPV Bows in Shanghai

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The New Tourneo

China is a weird place for cars. Basically every automaker makes a long wheel-base version of every car in their portfolio, parking is so expensive in big cities that it’s cheaper to hire a driver even if all you own is a 3 Series BMW, and this industrious nation demands the highest levels of luxury in every automotive segment imaginable. It is for this interesting and diverse market that Ford has created the new Tourneo, a luxury equipped minivan.


The Tourneo has been sold in various European markets for a few years now, but Ford is adding some new upgrades that are catered to the Chinese market. A new air suspension adds a comfier ride, a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine provides power while staying under China’s strict tax and emissions targets levied on larger motors, and the interior has been redone with higher quality materials. Other changes are more subtle, but include passenger oriented alterations like moving the sunroof rearward over the second row.

As befitting its use a more luxurious transport machine, the exterior has been given a few enhancements as well. New LED lights, a redesigned tailgate, sharper nose, and a smattering of chrome create a clean design that is humbly luxurious. A perfect fit for the Asian nation.

Currently, there is no word how many of these China-centric changes will make it to the rest of the world, but it will be interesting to see if other markets demand some of the more luxurious interior amenities and materials for their MPV purchase. Expect to see the updated model arrive next year.

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