Chevy Silverado “Real People” Parody Is Hilarious & True!

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Are you annoyed by Chevy’s most recent “Real People” commercial targeting the F-150 as much as we are? Watch this!

Not too long ago we brought you the lastest and the most desperate Chevy commercial from their “Real People” marketing campaign. You know the drill, they show a Silverado and proceed to cover the highlights that make it so “amazing.”

As Chevy often does, they fitted the poorly camouflaged Silverado with a fake Blue Oval in the front grille to trick folks. This of course, fools no one, but they love to believe it does.

This hilarious video courtesy of the Zebra Corner brings us that exact same commercial, but with a very special touch — it’s a parody! This sarcasm-filled spoof will have you laughing all the way to the Ford dealership for your new F-Series truck.


We’ve previously poked fun at the Silverado’s corner steps for being silly and not necessarily an “advantage” over the F-150. Well, it seems that our favorite YouTube comedian also thinks they’re just silly, “Yeah that’s kind of dumb. It’s like two inches lower than the actual bumper,” he says during the video.

The parody reaches its climax when they pull the wraps off the “secret truck” and it turns out to be a (drum roll, please) Chevy Silverado! At that point the video takes a gross but hilarious turn.

Watch it!

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