CHEVY FAIL Tahoe Goes Surfing, Doesn’t Survive

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Tahoe Fail - 2

Early on in life, I learned that oil and water don’t mix. As it turns out, neither do the complicated electronics in an automobile, or the engine itself. Additionally, wet sand is difficult to drive on. Most people, when they drive on the beach, try to stay away from the water. The driver of this Tahoe didn’t, and the results are deadly.

Tahoe Fail - 1

While I can’t say why the Tahoe was driving in the water instead of up higher in the safety of the sand, but maybe he or she was trying to replicate a scene from Top Gear? Regardless the reason, this fairly new Tahoe couldn’t escape the wet clutches of the ocean and had to be towed out.

Tahoe Fail - 3

Whether the water destroyed the SUV’s ability to run, or if it was just stuck, the towing out caused even more damage to the Tahoe, since apparently they didn’t know about or couldn’t find the tow hook. This person’s day went from bad to worse.

Maybe this Chevy driver’s last words were, “Hey, watch this!” Though, it was probably, “Hey, hold my beer!”

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