CHEVY FAIL! Steering Wheels are Kinda Essential for Burnouts

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Fridays are made for laughing. And what better way to get a laugh than watching a Chevrolet mishap.

The video starts out wonderfully. Even if it is a Chevy, it appears that a father and son are working on a project C10. According to the description, the two were working on the pickup and decided to take it for a test run. Well, if you call burnouts a test run. But, amidst their excitement, they forgot one little thing: the bolt in the middle of the steering wheel. As in … the bolt that keeps the steering wheel attached to the column.

The driver realizes that the wheel is loose and accidentally pulls it off at the tail end of the burnout and is able to stop the truck without any major damage, thankfully.

“That scared the f***in’ s*** outta me,” he says while the cameraman laughs.

All is fun and games, as long as nobody gets hurt.

via [Big Sky Boys]

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