Chevy Fail: Z71 Colorado Drives Over Puddle, Breaks Transmission

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It doesn’t matter how off-road-capable your Z71 Chevy truck is. It can’t — and won’t — save you from yourself.

Going off-road is a ton of fun. But, removing your truck from smooth, paved surfaces and tooling around on rocky and uneven terrain is also a dicey proposition. Let’s put it this way, rocks, trees, streams, and critters belong in this wild terrain — trucks, not so much.

Like most things in life, the key is to pay attention and take your time. If you do so, you’ll likely emerge with nothing more than a smile on your face. Do it wrong, and you’ll find yourself replacing expensive parts.

Take for example this Chevy Colorado Z71 driver. In what might be the most undramatic Chevy fail video we’ve ever seen, the truck is merely attempting to exit a very shallow body of water near Las Vegas. The video comes courtesy of Vegas Shuffle, and shows the simple, yet costly mistake.


After pudding around for a bit, the driver either doesn’t see or doesn’t worry about a large rock in his path. For whatever reason, he chooses to drive directly over it. And that, my friends, turns out to be a silly mistake.

When he emerges from, uh, nature’s kiddie pool, the driver quickly realizes something is wrong. As if you couldn’t tell from the loud crunching noise emanating from the transmission, right? Shifting in and out of Park is suddenly a task better suited for a man with Popeye-like forearms. Later, we find out why.

A smashed oil pan. Thankfully the driver is in good spirits, claiming that “This is the kind of stuff that happens out on the trail. If you’re stupid.” He even admits to having his ego smashed a bit. We’re just glad it was caught on video! And for that, as Daniel Tosh often says, we thank you.

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