Chevy Beats on a Dead Horse With This Silly Display at the LA Auto Show

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Do you have a family member that often likes to beat on a dead horse? How about that crazy uncle that insists he could’ve been an NFL player had it not been for a knee injury his high school senior year? Yet for some reason he tells you that story every single Thanksgiving day…

In fact, let’s go ahead and give that uncle a name. Let’s call him, uncle Chevy. Uncle Chevy thought he’d gain legions of fans at the Los Angeles Auto Show by bringing a silly side-by-side display of two truck beds, contrasting the damage done to Ford’s aluminum truck bed, and Chevy’s steel bed.


We’ve shown you many times before, but most recently with proof that bear handlers actually use aluminum cages and not steel cages, as shown on a Silverado TV commercial. Aluminum has only proven to be stronger than steel. How? The F-150 was named a ‘Top Safety Pick’ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), after scoring the best crash test results out of all, Chevy, Ram and Toyota full-size pickup trucks.


These photos courtesy of our friends at, Pickup Truck Talk, show us what the truck bed display actually looks like. Unsurprisingly, Chevy went as far as highlighting with red boxes the cataclysmic damage done to the truck beds by the very debris Chevy dropped in them. But, don’t you think that if the damage was really that visible, they wouldn’t need big red boxes around it? I mean, think about it…

Another funny detail that stood out at Chevy’s booth, was the fact that they had a big banner claiming to have the most dependable and longest-lasting pickup trucks on the road, yet the way they gather this data is rather funky. See, Chevy gathers this information from vehicle registration data, and some states require that all vehicles remain registered whether they’re driven or not. In simple terms, you could have a rusted 1964 Chevy truck functioning as a big flower bed, and this would actually count as one of their “long-lasting” trucks on the road.

Just give up already, stop beating on a dead horse!

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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