Chevrolet Gets Spanked in ‘Real People’ Parody

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Mark Wahlberg’s Chevy dealership gets a wicked dose of honesty and Boston attitude in new parody video. 

We think we can all agree on just how much most folks really hate those Chevy “Real People” commercials. They’re so obviously not “real.” They have been running for what seems like an eternity. Even Flo from Progressive is taking shots at Chevy! There have been a number of parodies going around mocking this awful and tired campaign, and now another new one has surfaced, showing that the mocking of Chevy is likely not going to end anytime soon. The newest clip not only goes after the “Real People” ad campaign, it takes a jab or two at rapper-turned-actor-turned hamburger seller-turned-car dealership honcho Mark Wahlberg.

Last year, Wahlberg and a business partner purchased a Chevrolet dealership in Columbus, Ohio. Yes, it is called Mark Walhberg Chevrolet.

Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet

Yeah, so there’s that.

But in this video by Zebra Corner, the premise is to take a Wahlberg-esque salesmen from Boston named “Mahk,” and put him to work on the lot. His honesty is a great asset…for Ford.

We don’t want to spoil the video for you, but here’s some of the dialogue:

Mahk: It won the J.D. Power award for…tires.

Customer: Pretty cool, I guess.

Mahk: You’re a f*cking idiot.

Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet parody

The video also has some Easter eggs. Keep an eye out for the signs in the background!

Mahk: Look, guy, I think you’d be better off in a Ford F-150. There’s a Ford dealership 4 blocks that way. Tell ’em Mahk sent ya’.

Check out the video, and then check out the Zebra Corner channel. Tell ’em Mahk sent ya’.

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