Sugar & Spice? Nope. This Teen Is All About Ford Trucks & Drag Racing!

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Unlike most teenagers, you won’t find Chelsea Brooklyn at the mall. Instead, she’s burning diesel at the drag strip!

What were you doing at the magical age of 17 years old? Probably a lot of fun things like going to school, doing homework, watching cartoons, etc. Well, let’s just say that not all 17-year-olds are cut from the same cloth, and Georgia’s Chelsea Brooklyn is living proof of that.

While most teenagers nowadays can’t look away from their smartphones, Brooklyn has spent countless weekends building her Ford F-250 with the help of her family. At first glance, her electric blue Power Stroke-powered pickup looks relatively unassuming, and even stock. A quick stab of the throttle reveals a completely different story, as the diesel monster hiding under the hood cranks out over 1,000 horsepower. A whopping 1,013 to be precise.

Chelsea Brooklyn

This video courtesy of Jmalcom2004 shows us a determined and skilled Brooklyn taking names at the Middle Georgia Motorsports Park. Despite the powerful competition, she manages to put a few wins under her belt, but the real challenge comes when a boosted Mustang threatens her superiority. Of course, you’ll have to watch the video to find out the rest.

Rock on, girl!

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