We’re Crushing Over This Saleen XP8 Ford Explorer

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Saleen XP8

This worked-over Explorer oozes supercharged 1990s cool, and we totally want it.

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Saleen XP8

If you grew up as a Ford enthusiast in the ’90s, there’s simply nothing cooler than the stuff Steve Saleen was putting out. Supercharged Mustangs with wild bodykits and equally wild stripes found their way onto notebooks, subject folders, book covers, and bedroom wall posters of many young Ford enthusiasts.

Years before developing their own supercar, the Saleen S7, and handling paint and bodywork for the Ford GT project, Steve Saleen was working together with Tim Allen on a variety of non-Mustang projects, such as the XP8 Explorer.

Saleen XP8

Roughly 125 of these supercharged Explorers were produced in the late 1990s, utilizing a similar recipe for success that the S281 Mustangs used. A lowered suspension with upgraded brakes, exotic aluminum Alcon calipers, and ultra-lightweight Speedlab wheels complemented a body kit and graphics package equally as dynamic as the one you’d find on a contemporary Saleen Mustang.

Inside, custom-upholstered Recaro seats separate the XP8 from more plebeian Explorers, and apparently Steve Saleen himself signed the inside of the rear hatch.

Saleen XP8

Under the hood, the 5.0L V8 was augmented with a Powerdyne centrifugal supercharger. Considering the Explorers already came with some of the most potent 302s available in a stock Ford, it was a great performance platform. This Saleen was good for 286 horsepower!

This truck is said to be well-maintained with under 90,000 miles on the clock, and it’s currently for sale for $11,000. We don’t know how to feel about that price, but we can certainly appreciate the awesomeness that the 1990s had to offer.

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