Look at This Awesome 1977 Ford F-150 Build

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FTE Build

FTE member Bubba (A.K.A. “Bubba Hines“) has been working on his build for a while now, and after seeing that many other people were making build threads, he decided to make one himself. After all, what better place is there for keeping track of a build, updating others on your progress, and asking questions? So far all seems to be going well, and we cant wait to see the finished ride!

Bubba is working on a 1977 F-150, which came with the amazing paint job pictured above! Nonetheless,
under the surface there seems to be a decent amount of bondo and rust on the body. Of course, he plans to deal with that in the future! So far, he has rebuild the front wheels from the frame out, rebuild the rear end from the transmission to the wheels, and rebuilt the motor and put it back in!

He is currently working on getting a new carburetor and fixing an issue int he steering column. The build is coming along well, and it’s definitely worth following! Go stop by Bubba’s build thread and show your support!

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