Check Out Key Features of the 1991 F-150: Throwback Thursday

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Ford’s unique standard features in the 1991 F-150 are things that we rarely discuss today.

This week’s Throwback Thursday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Matt Krugman and it features a commercial for the 1991 Ford F-150. This commercial is a great deal like a modern Ford truck commercial, with a guy in jeans standing in a worksite of some sort, talking about the best-selling truck in the world. What makes this spot interesting is the list of key features that the Motor Company chooses to boast about, almost all of which are items that we don’t even think about today when buying a new vehicle.

Ford Truck Marketing

We have featured scores of classic Ford truck commercials over the past few years and in many cases, they have the same basic layout. A truck is sitting in some worksite-type location with a rugged-looking guy, usually in jeans, talking about everything that the truck does well. Basically, since there have been truck commercials on television, Ford has been marketing the F-150 in this format.

What changed from year to year was the list of features that the Motor Company bragged about in the commercials. In the early days, Ford talked up their unique twin i-beam suspension setup and through the years, the F-150 has often been the first competitor in the segment to introduce features or to make newer features standard equipment.

1991 Ford F-150

In this week’s classic Ford commercial, the company brags about things that most modern truck buyers take for granted.

The 1991 F-150

The commercial begins with the host talking about the impressively low price of the 1991 Ford F-150, which started around $10,309, but making that price even more impressive was the list of standard features.

The 1991 F-150 came with a standard 4.9-liter engine (one of the strongest base engines in the segment at that time), power steering, power brakes, rear antilock brakes, tinted glass, “styled” steel wheels, swing-away mirrors and an AM/FM radio. At this point, every new vehicle sold in the United States has power steering, power brakes with ABS, tinted glass, folding mirrors and an AM/FM stereo. In fact, an AM/FM radio and the steel wheels are generally only featured on the least-expensive models, showing just how far the industry has come since 1991.

Best of all, as a special promotion when this commercial launched in 1991, you even got a free Ford bedliner for that base price and that is something that the Motor Company still offers to bolster sales today.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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