Check Out These Crazy Photos of a 1953 Ford F-100

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I believe that a great way to expand your own skills and talents is to follow and study those who do things better than you.

When I met a young man named Travis Ingram in Colorado last year, it became immediately apparent that he had far more skill behind the lens that I did, so I began to follow his work.

Recently, Travis put up a pile a photos that I thought Ford Truck Enthusiast might be interested in.


Travis was at a local car show when he stumbled across a 1953 Ford F-100 that had been customized by a local shop in town. The truck looks downright menacing, and I am madly in love with it.


After the show, Travis was able to get some time with the truck, and the shots he took are nothing short of amazing.

Rather than fill this page with words about how good these photos really are, I’ll just let the images do the talking.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, but I think these are worth a million drooling mouths.


Travis was kind enough to let us use these five photos for the site here, but he has even more pics of this beauty over at his portfolio site. Be sure to go check them out.


And remember, if you are looking to improve your skills with the camera, be sure to pay attention to the angles, lighting and backgrounds in these pics. Study and get better; it’s what I try to do.

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