Check Out Bodie Stroud’s Awesome X-100

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While everyone might be clamoring for the newest EcoBoost Raptor, or cannot stop talking about how the aluminum skin of the new F-150 is hurting sales figures, I’d like to talk about something a bit different. Something classic.


Now some of you may have heard the name Bodie Stroud before in reference to some classic muscle cars, but I think that some of you may have missed this.

It’s Bodie’s newest creation the BSI 1956 X-100 and it’s simply stunning.


Based off the original F-100, this X-100 is all about cutting edge design meeting classic lines. Here’s what Bodie had to say about the truck.

When most people think about classic trucks, what comes to mind is usually the 1956 F-100, it’s one of the most timeless designs of all time.I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if someone put that truck back into production, preserving the truck’s basic look, but with modern suspension, a brand new Ford Racing motor and transmission, and the interior and gauges from a late-model F-150. Then we decided to just go ahead and build the X-100 as a limited run production vehicle.”


According to Stroud, the new X-100 sits on a custom BSI chassis with fully independent front suspension and a four link setup with a Currie Enterprises 9-inch axle.

But what really sets this truck off is the Coyote crate motor in which you can have one of two horsepower figures.

The first base horsepower is 412, or for those that want to set their hair on fire, a 630 horsepower Ford Racing Aluminator  Coyote can be had. I know which one I’d choose.


In short, the truck is amazingly engineered and drop dead gorgeous to look at. It’s the perfect package.


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