Brick Nose Rebirth: ’89 F-150 Restomod Build

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Brinker88's 1989 F150 Build
Not everyone gets as lucky as Brinker88 did with finding this glorious ride for only $825. Sporting a 5.0L engine, a 5 speed transmission, and – of course – four wheel drive, there was only one basic problem – rust. 89F150RestomodA good, solid truck with decent hauling power and a potential for greatness – how could anyone pass such a deal up? And his luck didn’t end there – he also got a rust free, never before patched bed for only four hundred dollars! Craigslist can certainly work magic at times.

Brinker88 has already bought many parts for the truck and is working on it at a steady rate. When finished, the truck will sport a 6-inch superlift with extended radius arms, new axle shafts, rust free body panels, and more. Oh, and who could forget the paint job? When complete, the Ford will boast stand tall in a shade of dark gray.

This brick-nose Ford truck isn’t quite done yet (though it did recently get its paint job), but it is certainly¬†well on its way. Go drop by Brinker88’s build thread to take a look at some more stunning images of the progress of the build, and don’t forget to show your support!

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