Running Strong: 1964 F-100 Big Block Build

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A running project can be a real blessing. Ford truck enthusiast uberkup has gotten this 1964 Ford F-100 running with a new engine and transmission. Previously, the truck was a 223 with four on the floor.

Now, it sports a massive 390FE and a C6. The engine runs amazingly, which is truly wonderful. Though nearly everything else is basically untouched internally, this truck has already gone a long way from where it started.

Check out this impressive video and hear the truck start up, idle, and rev enthusiastically. Currently, uberkup plans on adding a new 9″ rear end to replace the current Dana 44.


Also, a new exhaust pipe has just been purchased. With the current progression of this build, it shouldn’t take long before this 1964 F-100 is powering its way with solid reliability down the neighborhood streets.


Despite the list of jobs that are still to be done, this build seems to have gone quite smoothly to this point. So cross your fingers and hope and pray that all goes well!

Go check out uberkup’s 1964 F-100 build thread and show your support!

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