This Champagne 1975 Bronco Will Make You All Bubbly Inside

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Let’s face it – modified first-generation Broncos are everywhere. They’re like the McDonald’s of the classic 4×4 world. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, because old Broncos make an awesome base for wild and custom four-wheelers. But it’s also nice to see something a little different every now and then, such as a champagne paint scheme.


Take for example, this Champange 1975 Bronco. Aside from the unique (and pretty cool looking) color choice, there’s a lot of stuff going on here that is a departure from the norm. For one, it has the prerequisite large tires, but hub caps remain for a stockish appearance.


The outside of this first-gen is stunning, and every where you look the quality of the paint and restoration work shines. Power comes from the common 302 small block V8, but the interior presents a much different story.

The inside is a welcoming place to be, with modern custom bucket seats, wood-rimmed steering wheel, and a custom center console hiding an aftermarket stereo. Speakers are likewise integrated into the roll cage above the heads of the passengers.


The overall concept of this Bronco is simple – keep it mostly stock, with exceptional body and paint work and a few modern touches. The result is one of the nicest first-generation trucks we’ve seen in a long time, and certainly one of the most unique thanks to the champagne paint color!

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