Famous Ford Truck Owner Scares Away Carjacker!

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Pennywise Guitarist Fletcher Dragge Stalls Police Chase…by Accident

Earlier this week, Ford truck owner and musician Fletcher Dragge, guitarist for the enduring SoCal rock band Pennywise, was cruising around Redondo Beach in his shiny black F-250 pickup. HIs focus on the road ahead shifted when he glanced in his rearview mirror and noticed a police chase coming up right behind him. When Dragge attempted to get out of the way, he unexpectedly came face to face with the carjacker, who had just stolen a Toyota Scion and had evaded the cops all the way from Los Angeles.

“I thought I should get out of the way, so I crossed the double yellow to make a U-turn,” Dragge told Easy Reader News. “But my truck is so long I got stuck, blocking the two northbound lanes.” So, Dragge simply sat there, waiting for the entourage to pass. But the Scion drove right up to his door and stopped.

With one flat tire and a busted rear bumper from an attempted PIT maneuver, the  carjacker seemed to have eyes for Dragge’s  Super Duty. “It looked like he was reaching for the driver side door handle and I thought for a moment he was coming for my truck,” Dragge recalls. “But if he was, he changed his mind when we made eye contact.”


‘I thought he was coming for my truck. But if he was,
he changed his mind when we made eye contact.’


You see, not only is Dragge a badass guitarist and Ford truck enthusiast, but he’s also a rather large and intimidating beast of a man. Standing 6’5″ and weighing over 300 pounds, the tattooed hard-rocker undoubtedly made the “small” male think twice about seizing the Super Duty. So, the car thief backed up and resumed driving the busted Toyota until police caught up to him and landed another PIT maneuver.

Following a two-hour stand-off, the 27-year-old suspect, Carlos Mercado, was eventually apprehended.

Stay safe out there!

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