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Ford F-150 Glass Spontaneously Shatters…a Few Claim

Ford F-150

Some 2010-2017 F-150 owners say their windshields are shattering without impact. Isolated problem, or cause for concern?

  Comments | By - December 12, 2017

Ford Offers Free Service for 2011-17 Explorers

Easing customer concerns about exhaust emissions, on Nov. 1, Ford begins free service to further safeguard vehicles.

  Comments | By - November 2, 2017

Hurricane Harvey: Ford F-250 Doubles as Shelter for Couple & Four Dogs

Shortly after they rushed into their F-250, wind gusts of over 130 mph blew away their home right before their eyes.

  Comments | By - August 29, 2017

Ford Aims to Give You a Clearer Drive

Concept for adding windshield washer fluid will keep you from getting your hands dirty.

  Comments | By - August 24, 2017

Ford Pledges to Repair Exhaust-Leak Issues on Explorer Interceptor

Ford offers exhaust repairs on Police Interceptor Utility

After several police officers became ill, Ford has taken matters into their own hands and announced a resolution.

  Comments | By - August 9, 2017

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