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1987 – 1996 F-Series / Bronco Power Door Lock Actuator Replacement

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Adding “Express Down” Power Window Feature to 1992 – 1996 F-Series and Broncos

By: Richard Cherico This article describes how to adapt a power window to utilize the express down feature, whereby the window goes down fully by tapping the down window switch. At the end of the article is information specific to 92-96 full-size trucks and Broncos. A little information about the module used for this mod: To […] More »

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Installing An OEM Tachometer In A 1992-1996 F-150 Or Bronco

By Charles Aden This project should take less than an hour and will cost approximately $40-$100. It will allow you to retain your original odometer reading and add an OEM Tachometer. Purchase an instrument cluster It is best to get a cluster from the same year of truck as there are some minor changes across […] More »

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Overview: Installing a Superchips chip in a 1993 F150

<><>By Neal Osburn (To purchase a Superchips performance chip, click here.) Locate the computer code Things you’ll need: 1/2" wrench to remove battery cable 11 mm open-end wrench Ratchet (1/4" & 3/8" drive probably) 5.5 mm socket 8 mm socket 10 mm socket Pry bar Card connector cleaning supplies   Recommended items: T-10 & T-12 […] More »

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1993 F150 Superchips install: Detailed

I have written these as an alternative to removing the driver’s side kick-panel and the parking brake/hood release support bracket to get to the ECU on my 1993 F150. That method looked way too involved, so I decided to remove the ECU through the firewall from the engine compartment. Here’s how I did it: If […] More »

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