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Watch an Electric Semi Completely Own a Diesel Truck

Electric Semi VS Diesel Semi

Toyota’s ‘Project Portal’ Semi truck impresses with this acceleration test video

  Comments | By - July 14, 2017

Everything We Know So Far About the 2018 F-150 and Expedition

Here’s a comprehensive guide to all things F-150 and Expedition for 2018.

  Comments | By - July 6, 2017

Budget Diesel Bronco Build: Glorious Results of Perseverance

Undeterred by a few setbacks, FTE member creates an oil-burning Bronco with an incredible paint job.

  Comments | By - July 3, 2017

REVIEW: Fuel Additives in Your Ford Truck? Use Them Now!

Gumout flew me to Ohio and showed me how their fuel additive works in certified lab testing. Now I’m a believer.

  Comments | By - June 28, 2017

POLL: Gas or Diesel, Which Truck Is Right for You?

Gas vs Diesel

At some point, everybody’s debated the merits of gas and diesel-powered engines. We explore the pros and cons.

  Comments | By - June 26, 2017

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