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Turn and Stop Lamp Diagnosis for 70’s Ford Pickup

By George Selby I just purchased a 70 F-100 Ranger XLT. It was a year out of inspection, and when I bought it, the rear lights did not work at all, so I knew it would need some work to be drivable. The front parking lights did work on this vehicle. The procedures and wire […] More »

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6 To 12 Volt Conversion Guide

By Steve Delanty Owners of old cars and trucks that came with 6-volt electrical systems know what a drag 6 volts can be!  Dim lights, slow cranking, weak spark, replacing generator brushes as a maintenance item, etc . The cure is obvious… convert to 12 volts! Usually it’s pretty easy to convert to 12 volts. […] More »

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Old Bronco/F-Series Trucks: An Efficient Electrical System

By Mike Boyd Old electrical systems can be a real nightmare, especially if a previous owner of your vehicle modified it.  There are some simple solutions to the headaches that poor wiring causes.     First of all, start totally from scratch.   Cut the original wires and purchase a newer F-150 or late model Bronco electrical […] More »

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Pre-79 F-Series: Converting a Small Cap 7mm Spark Plug Wire System to a Large Cap 8

By 1998 Tom Hogan This is a VERY simple conversion to install the late model large distributor cap onto an earlier model engine. The subject truck is a 1976 with a 390 FE motor. It has the stock small distributor cap and matching spark plug wires. The reasons for doing this conversion are: Reliability. The […] More »

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One Wire Delco alternator Installation In A Classic Ford Truck

By William Dahn (Editor’s Note: This article details installation of a Delco 1 wire alternator in a 1966 F-100 with a 352 V8. Installation should be similar for any 1961 – 1979 F-series truck.) MOTIVATION: The first and for me the most obvious question I had to answer before starting this project was "Why"? For […] More »

  Comments | By - July 29, 2004

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