Dubs F-150 Most American Made Vehicle

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Marcus Slater
F-150 Online

Suck on it Camry, the F-150 is back. just released their latest American made index, for the first time in four years, the F-150 tops the list by having the most american built components than competitors.

Part of the victory likely has to do with the uptick in sales from Ford. They’ve recently bumped up production of the F-150 in order to cope with the increase in demand. Either way this is good news for Ford. American manufacturing has taken a pretty big hit in recent years and there are loads of people who appreciate them spending their cash inside the US instead of importing products. To Toyota’s credit, they do a pretty good job that as well.┬áPersonally, I’m just glad to see companies that keep work in the US get recognition.

I’m also glad to have an excuse to make that awesome image up top. Check out the full list here.

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