Carlisle Ford Nationals Draws Rad Rides & Nearly 60,000 Ford Fans

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2019 Carlisle Ford Nationals Weekend

Pennsylvania’s annual tribute presented a personal best of almost 3,200 vehicles, from badass Broncos to masterfully-modded Mustangs.

Every year in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, auto detailing brand Meguiar’s hosts a fantastic gathering geared toward die-hard Ford fans called the Carlisle Ford Nationals weekend. This year’s event took place May 31 through June 2 and was a personal best for the popular auto show: Nearly 3,200 Fords were on display to drool over, which is a record-breaker for Carlisle Events.

All of Ford Motor Company‘s most famous body styles for trucks, gas savers and Mustangs were exhibited in a showcase that spanned over 110 years of Ford production. Some vehicles were hardly modified at all, while some were built to handle harsh, off-road conditions. Others were modified for speed, lowered or left stock. Keeping to tradition, both common cars suitable for daily driving and rare cars were for sale at the huge indoor flea market. As well as fully-built and functioning cars, there were also booths where folks could buy parts and check out demonstrations.

2019 Carlisle Ford Nationals Weekend

It wouldn’t be a Ford Nationals Weekend if Ford didn’t have its own corner of the festival. There, Ford hosted ride-alongs in any Ford car an attendee could ever dream of, varying from the nimble Focus to the mighty Expedition. Ford even hosted a mild autocross, where it was possible to take the 2019 Ranger or F-150 through their paces.

Naturally, powerful figures from Ford and the automotive world made appearances. Carl Widmann, the Chief Engineer of Ford Performance, answered questions and spoke about what loyal Ford customers could expect from the latest and greatest Ford vehicles. Additionally, Mike Finnegan from Motor Trend‘s addictive Road Kill made it to the event to share a few words. Though, with the presence of Finnegan, it also meant that there was a scheduled burnout contest with the guests who were willing to sacrifice some tread.

2019 Carlisle Ford Nationals Weekend

Amidst the throng of Mustangs from new to old, there were, of course, plenty of amazing Ford trucks that were there to be admired.

2019 Carlisle Ford Nationals Weekend

There were beefy Rangers, F150’s, Raptors, and even old Broncos to applaud.

2019 Carlisle Ford Nationals Weekend

At the end of the festival, an awards show took place where many excited participants walked away with trophies, certificates, or gift cards.

All in all, when it comes to truck events, we’d say the entire Carlisle Ford Nationals Weekend was a the biggest winner.

2019 Carlisle Ford Nationals Weekend

The 2020 Carlisle Ford Nationals is set to take place June 5-7 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds. See you at next summer’s event!

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