Carlex Design Gives the Ford Transit Connect a Racy Makeover

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Late last year, we showed you how customizable the Ford Transit is. That’s something that runs in the Transit family. Just look at this body-kitted Connect.

Automotive interior designer and manufacturer Carlex Design took the Blue Oval’s hauler of stuff and made it look like a hauler of ass. It started by opening up the front end – literally. Look at all of the new areas that can devour the air in front of them. An aggressive front lip spoiler looks ready to help this tweaked Transit hold the road as well as the rear compartment holds cargo.

The sides feature undeniable skirts in between rally-rific 15-spoke wheels which sit below notched fender flares. Out back, there’s a twin-lobe roof spoiler and a custom rear bumper with a diffuser and dual parallelogram exhaust outlets.

Carlex designs aftermarket interiors for exotics such as the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and the Lamborghini Aventador, so we’re sure the interior of this Transit Connect is just as eye-catching as its exterior.

Given how customizable vans with Transit badges on them are, this Carlex Design take on the Connect would be great as a performance parts delivery van…or the new ride for the A-Team. To see more pics of it, hit the autoevolution link below.

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