‘Candy Cane’ Ford F-350 Is One Tasty Build: What’s Up in the Forums

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1979 Ford F-350

From Craigslist rust bucket to trophy winner – this Ford F-350 has been nothing but a dream for its owner.

There are many different things in life that bring us pleasure. Some we can freely discuss here, others, not so much. But few things get us going like watching an old Ford truck come back to life. And here in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums, we get to see that sort of thing all the time. But few builds (and stories) compare to that of NBC-Steve and his incredible 1979 Ford F-350. A truck he reluctantly refers to as “Candy Cane.”

“I purchased my Ford F-350 in 2006 an an accidental Craigslist find. I saw it and I just had to have it. It was my high school dream truck. I still have my school binder that says ’78 Ford 4×4 Rules! Although my truck is a ’79, I wrote that in late ’78, so close enough. My father-in-law gave me a ride to Lake County (about 130 miles from home) and I paid cash sight unseen. I drove it home, parked it in my driveway, and it left about 2 to 3 quarts of oil on my driveway by the next day. 

When I brought it home my wife and kids called it Candy Cane because of the combination red and white two-tone paint. I’m not a big fan of the name, but since my lovely wife is the best mother to our children and I love her with all my heart, the name stuck. Here’s the original Craigslist ad photo taken by the PO.”

1979 Ford F-350

The OP wasted no time working to get this Ford F-350 running and driving her best. Not to mention looking right.

“Since then I have done:
-Replaced top end of the engine (temp fix)
-Replaced the engine
-Lift kit
-Tires, rims
-Replaced/repaired interior
-Repaired electrical

I have done countless small to medium-sized projects over the years. Some are posted on the forum. For the first few years, I mostly fixed all the leaks and did some minor repairs and upgrades. It was only the last 4 years that I really started to put some serious dough and countless hours into it.

Working on my truck has given me focus on a goal and a hobby besides working my butt off and raising a family. I really enjoy working on the truck and making improvements. Here’s a photo of what Candy Cane looks like TODAY!”

1979 Ford F-350

Of course, this was only the beginning. What follows is an epic adventure that encompasses the last five years. And in that time, the OP has performed countless mods and upgrades on his old Ford F-350. They include a new rear bumper, rust repair, and more jobs than we can possibly count. It’s truly an inspiration, whether you’re rebuilding an old truck yourself or just need some ideas for your next project!

1979 Ford F-350

Be sure and check out the entire build-up of this amazing (and now trophy-winning!) Ford F-350 by heading over here!

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