This Canadian Ford F-47 is Red Hot!

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Ford Truck Enthusiasts is here mainly for one reason–to show off some of the coolest Ford trucks around, of course! In keeping with that promise, here is something you don’t see everyday: a Canadian-spec 1950 F-47 pickup truck.

ford-f47-pickup-5_800x0wThe team over at¬†uncovered this ¬†beauty and expanded on some of the incredible details associated with it. The truck was built in Canada during the 1940s. Even cooler is that this technically isn’t an F-150, even though it is nearly identical to the American model. At the time, Ford used a different name for the truck in Canada, so this is actually an F-47 by name.

Aside from its unique Canadian identity, the truck went through a full restoration in 2015 and the pictures show just how much work went into turning the truck picture-perfect.


The F-47 truck is heading off to a new home soon, courtesy of Mecum; they expect it to fetch around $60,000 on the auction block.


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