Can This Last-Generation Ford GT Hit the 300-MPH Mark?

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People all over the world are waiting for the 2017 Ford GT to come out. Perhaps more than the car’s arrival itself, they want its performance figures.

There’s at least one man out there who’s spending the time in between now and then increasing the important numbers of the last-generation GT. His name is Johnny Bohmer.

In an effort to hit 300 mph in a street car, he’s removed the mid-engine monster’s supercharger and replaced it with a pair of giant turbochargers. Power to the rear wheels is a Bugatti-Veyron-clobbering 1,800 horsepower – more than three times the GT’s original 550-hp engine output rating.

So far, that’s been good for 283 mph at the end of the Texas Mile. Unfortunately, crosswinds kept Bohmer from hitting 290. Will he be able to cross that enormous threshold and blast his way to the triple-century mark?

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