Can This Ford F-150 Take a .50 Caliber Round in its Engine and Still Run?

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Ford F-150 vs 50 Cal 3

“Your engine is shot.” Those are words no one wants to hear. They mean it’s time to fork over a ton of money for repairs or a new engine or just scrap the entire vehicle and start looking for a new one.

The man behind the Youtube channel FullMag, Richard Ryan, basically heard the same thing about the 5.4-liter V8 in his eleventh-generation Ford F-150. Two of its cylinders went out and would be prohibitively expensive to bring back to life.

Apparently, Ryan’s engine wasn’t shot enough for him. Instead of parting his truck out, he decides to give it a send-off in the clip below by blasting its engine with a Barrett M107A1 rifle – while it’s running.

After setting up the ender of worlds to target the valves of the 5.4, Ryan lets loose an armor-piercing, incendiary round designed to immobilize vehicular improvised explosive devices in war zones – all .50 cal of it.

Amazingly, the already weakened V8 fires up again after the assault. Can it take another giant slug in its guts? Give the following video a shot to find out.

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