We Can All Equally Hate the Gullwing Door, Stretched Limo Raptor with a Tent

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Gullwing doors are cool on some cars. On a vehicle like the Raptor, they really only make sense for the handicapped accessibility. That’s it. There’s really no other reason why a Raptor should have those types of doors. Oh, and there’s also no reason for a Raptor to be stretched out and turned into a limousine. But that hasn’t stopped some ambitious Chinese from doing just that.

You’re looking at a stretched Ford Raptor that has been converted for limousine duty. Heck, if they’ve done it with the Hummer, why not do it with a Raptor? But the insanity, or stupidity, doesn’t stop there.

The doors to get in and out of the limo are gullwing doors, because if you’re going to build something to draw attention that’s the way to do it. I suppose winged doors make sense on a truck named after a bird of prey, but still it looks silly.


But what if you have precious cargo you need to carry along with you? Well you put it in the bed of the Raptor, of course! To protect your luggage from the elements, a folding tent is employed (instead of a tonneau or something more practical) to keep your things high and dry. Except it doesn’t really look like it keeps it all that dry.

What do we know? This might be the most practical vehicle in the world, but I highly doubt it. We sometimes disagree on things, but I think we all can agree that this is one of the stupidest Raptors we’ve ever seen.

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via [China Auto News]

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