Calling All Detectives, What Is This Pantera Baja Racer?

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Alright everyone, I’m calling all you sleuths, detectives, gossipers, in-the-know individuals, car whisperers, gumshoes, coppers, and anyone that might know anything about this next car. What I have here is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, encased in a mummy’s curse of obscurity. What we have is a what appears to be a DeTomaso Pantera Baja Racer. Take a look.

Now obviously, the motor is not the 351 that was originally in the mid-engine muscle car, but the body is definitely there. Although it’s been highly modified to tackle Baja style racing with loads of travel and a heavy duty cage. But after a half hour looking around the Internet, I can’t find anything about this Pantera . Who built it. What is it? Why they built it? The lot.

The only things I do know is that the video was taken in Australia. So, I’m counting on all you amateur sleuths to find out more and report back to the class on what the heck this Pantera thing is. Because, by god, this thing is sweet.

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