Calling All Craftsman! Classy 1936 Ford ‘Art Car’ Selling Now

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The warm-spirited handcrafted body of the 1936 Ford with V8 power uses classy Oak timber like bespoke sailboats. Is $24,000 a reasonable price?

If you’re a Ford aficionado this 1936 model should be looked to as an art car similar to the BMW art cars. A “museum piece” as the seller put it in the listing. Where should it be valued? At a proper auction, of course. I agree with the value in that regard from just looking at the photos. It is definitely a conversation piece for anyone’s garage. It also comes with its own 26’ tandem axle trailer so towing to events is easy.

This Ford’s body was handcrafted as a personal project by a devoted disabled war veteran. He was therapeutically fabricating this Ford body adding love and texture to his vehicle’s character. The body looks to have been built solid from seller reports. The way the doors and openings fit from my looks on the laptop are impressive. Take a  moment look at the pictures recognize how brilliant the wood finish is and tight the paneling comes together.  The time that went into this project is unthinkable. A gorgeous piece of artwork. I can see how the wheel fenders perfectly curve into the running boards. How smooth! What a craftsman, an artist!

So put this in the air, this is not even close to being a performance Ford or a Hot Rod. Though the flat head V8 with supposedly 60 HP looks promising and well cared there’s not much gunk, pretty clean under the hood. The power-to-weight ratio was changed. The 60 HP won’t pull as hard nor the mechanical brakes work as well though Jalopnik points out the seller says they ‘stops well’. If you don’t plan to buy and live in Grand Rapids I would suggest calling up and getting some free museum time with the kids.

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