By the Numbers: The Prevalence of Ford Super Duty Trucks in Demanding Industries

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2017 Ford Super Duty

As is the case with sports cars, the heavy duty truck segment is all about numbers. How much torque does this truck make? How much of a payload can it carry? How many tons can I tow behind it?

At this point, those numbers are question marks when it comes to the 2017 Ford Super Duty. However, the manufacturer does have some figures about its workhorse line of pickups that are nevertheless impressive. For instance, according to the following video, half of the heavy duty trucks used in the forestry industry have Blue Ovals up front. Nearly the same percentage of heavy construction trucks are Fords as well. Nate Berges, a Super Duty customer we interviewed in Houston, is one of the many people who give Ford a 42-percent piece of the manufacturing truck market. He’s just one of a few people Ford spoke with during the development of their next-generation captain of industry.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you all about how the new trucks perform after they arrive in dealerships later this year.

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