Tires: Do You Really Need to Buy OEM Replacements for Your Ford?

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Do you typically spend more on tires and buy stock, or go aftermarket and save some bucks?

When the Ford Motor Company engineers a new vehicle, they generally pick the tires based on a collection of variables. These include tread life, overall performance capabilities, traction in the widest variety of surfaces, ride quality, road noise and, of course — cost. In some cases like the new Raptor, the company focuses more on performance and less on things like ride quality or road noise. For the majority of new Ford trucks, the tires perform successfully on a wide range of conditions while maintaining replacement cost in mind.

That brings us to our newest “Question of the Week.”

When you buy new rubber for your Ford truck, do you buy the same brand/model that came on the vehicle from the factory, or do you focus more on your specific needs and wants? Although this question applies to folks who buy new trucks, there are drivers who prefer to put OEM rubber on their used trucks as well. They often believe that if Ford found those tires to be ideal for the truck – they want to stick with those same tires, too.

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