Buyer Beware: Ford F-150 Purchase Highlights Latest Scam

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Auto thieves are using technology to separate people from their money. Don’t fall victim to this latest scam.

Ever been tempted by a used vehicle advertised for a killer price? Most of us see ads like these and immediately get a little skeptical. But the allure of a great deal is hard to pass up. And thanks to our sometimes skewed judgement, many of us have fallen for these types of scams. But as thieves continue to evolve their methods of separating us from our money, buyers have to be extra cautious. Which is exactly why we’re shining the light on this recent used Ford F-150 purchase.

It all started when Anthony Callegari, a college student in Deltona, Florida, decided he wanted to buy himself a nice truck for his birthday/graduation. So he fired up a mobile app called OfferUp looking for a deal. And he found one. There sat a 2017 Ford F-150 Crew Cab, four-wheel drive pickup for the amazing price of $20,000. And if that sounds too good to be true, you already know what’s coming.

Ford F-150

Callegari met the seller at a gas station, exchanged cash for title, and headed to the DMV. Which is where he found out the title was a fake. The seller, of course, had already disconnected his number. Callegari called the police, who along with a National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) investigator, found even more troubling evidence.

Three other VIN plates had been glued on top of the original. And the truck was reported stolen in March. Even better, authorities found a GPS tracking device in the glovebox. The thief, who only gave Callegari one key, had apparently sold and stolen the truck multiple times. And now our victim is out both his truck and his $20k.

So the next time you spot a killer deal on a used vehicle, you might want to think twice before you fork over the cash. And even if the deal isn’t insanely good, NICB recommends checking the VIN first. Because when a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

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