BUY THIS BRONCO: 1979 Baby Blue Beauty

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Garage-kept, and babied second generation Bronco is a real time capsule!

Has the second generation Bronco exceeded the first generation in popularity and collectability? It sure seems that way! If it hasn’t yet, the 1978-1979 Bronco looks primed to do so. Maybe it’s the two-year-only design, maybe its the fact that we just love the full size body. It’s most likely a combination of those and other factors that make these big beauties so desirable.


Popularity and demand drive prices higher, of course, so finding a good deal on a second generation Bronco isn’t easy these days. We’ve seen plenty of average examples going for $30k or more lately, which is a bit absurd. Even more so, when you can score a nicely maintained, fairly low-mileage example like this 1979 Bronco. We ran across this baby blue and white truck on eBay, where it was recently listed for a reasonable $16,900.

Just a few years ago that would’ve been a steep price to pay for a second generation model, but today, it’s a fair amount for a one-owner Ranger XLT with only 92,673 original miles. The seller claims that the Bronco was garage-kept its entire life, and we believe it by the looks of the paint and interior. Everything is super clean, aside from a couple of paint chips and minor imperfections.


The well-optioned truck uses a 351 motor for power, and has power steering and brakes. Obviously, the diamond plate running boards need to go, and depending on your taste the vintage white wagon wheels, too. Otherwise, we wouldn’t change a thing on this old Bronco.

Oh yeah, except parking it in our garage for the next 30 years!

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