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1979 Bronco

We couldn’t help but think of “their loss, our gain” while looking at this Bronco.

High-dollar rotisserie restorations are typically reserved for things like rare muscle cars and big-money custom builds. But now that the market for second-gen Broncos has reached the point of silliness, our favorite big-bodied SUVs will soon join the fray of priceless collectibles. Whether you consider that a good or bad thing, is a matter of personal opinion. At least we get to feast our eyes on beauties like this flawless 1979 Bronco.

1979 Bronco

We spotted the gorgeous bruiser over on eBay, where it’s currently up for grabs. Even though we take a little reservation with modified rides being called “restorations,” we certainly aren’t arguing with these results. According to the seller, over $60,000 was spent making this 1979 Bronco better than new. Which means somebody’s getting a discount, because there’s a zero percent chance it’s selling for that price.

1979 Bronco

But hey, their loss is your gain! From the rebuilt 351 to the flawless undercarriage, this thing’s as clean as a second-gen gets. Niceties include power steering and front brakes, air conditioning, and a tilt wheel. The brown and tan paint looks fantastic, and fresh chrome bits look better than new. A set of aftermarket bucket seats look rather inviting, though we’d probably go for a different set of wheels than the modern looking chrome 17-inch.

1979 Bronco

Some might think it’s crazy to spend this kind of money and time restoring a 1979 Bronco — and they have a point. As for us, we’ll just be over here enjoying the eye candy. Hopefully, the new owner of this beauty will celebrate by taking her for a big romp through a giant mud puddle. And then, maybe everything will be right with the world again.

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