Safari-Ready 1969 Bronco: Welcome to the (Concrete) Jungle!

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Owner sinks $18k in rebuild of badass Bronco that looks like it could cross a river, crawl over a dune or navigate a busy freeway with ease.

When most people think of a safari, they immediately picture an exotic journey through a jungle filled with wild beasts, like lions, giraffes, and zebras. You know, the kind of journey you take in a rugged four-wheel drive SUV. Most of us only see this kind of thing on National Geographic. In reality, the only jungle we navigate is the concrete kind, but that doesn’t mean we can’t drive and enjoy a vehicle fit for an African safari!


This primo 1969 Bronco that we spotted recently on eBay is exactly that. It’s never ventured outside of Arizona or Colorado, but it sure looks like it could cross a river or crawl over a sandy dune. Just strap your gear to the roof rack, polish up your Crocodile Dundee impression, and you’re good to go.

Sure, you should probably bring some tools, too, but you likely won’t need them because this Bronco recently experienced a full mechanical restoration. The 351/3-speed combo is plenty to get you through the toughest wilderness, and pretty much everything underneath the red and white exterior was replaced with brand-new stuff by a Bronco specialist.


A set of 33×12.5×15 Hankook ATS tires helps keep you planted, and Smittybilt bumpers and nerf bars will keep any moody wild animals at bay. Inside, things are mostly original but very nice and comfy. The current owner claims to have sunk $18k in the rebuild, which makes the $37,900 asking price seem pretty fair. We certainly can’t think of anything we’d rather tackle a safari in, even if it is only the urban kind.


In the end, this hot little Bronco could benefit from slightly more terrain-friendly tires underneath and a matching spare tire up top.

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