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Four-door Bronco conversions are hot, and this one’s your next big investment opportunity!

As the Bronco market continues to explode, we’re beginning to see more and more four-door conversions pop up for sale. Unlike the ones Ford built, these monstrous SUVs were offered in very limited numbers. If you happen to pick up a converted Bronco built by Magnum or Centurion, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be the only guy in your town with one.

This 1990 Magnum Metropolitan we recently spotted on eBay is absolutely pristine. It appears that some enterprising individual purchased this 112,000-mile beast from the original owner, and is aiming to make a quick profit. You might call it a win-win situation.


Magnum builds might not technically be Broncos, but they are as close to a Ford-built four-door you’ll ever find. The Michigan-based company even used genuine Ford parts on their heavy duty truck conversions, including the interior bits. Because if Ford wasn’t going to build a Suburban fighter, somebody had to!

The original paint on this particular Magnum Metropolitan is understandably peeling and faded. The interior is in pretty remarkable condition, and the seller claims that everything works. With roughly 5,000 of these things built between Magnum and Centurion, finding one in even reasonable shape is proving nearly impossible.


Ford never built a four door Bronco, and chances are, they never will. If your four-wheeling dreams persist, this particular ride might be one of your dwindling options.

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