Buy This Bronco: Consider This 1971 Your ‘Plan B’

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The upcoming 2020 Bronco might prove to be a bust, but this lovely green stallion is tried-and-true.

Ah, summertime! For Bronco fans, it’s the perfect time to stow away the removable top and hit the beach, woods, or any other nature spot nearby. You know, just to feel the sun burn your bald spot and the wind blow your thinning hair. Remember, chances are the upcoming American Bronco won’t have a removable top, and you’ll probably be left longing for one.


Regardless of what happens a couple of years from now, rest assured that there are plenty of early Broncos out there for the taking. For example, this gorgeous green 1971 Bronco we recently spotted on eBay has a removable top, and will undoubtedly cost you less than a new one. Even if Ford pulls out all the stops when it brings back our beloved SUV, it’s hard to believe it’ll be anywhere near as cool as this one.


A tasty shade of green covers a molded fiberglass body, with custom bumpers on both ends. It sits up nice and high thanks to a Skyjacker 2″ lift and 33″ tires. Power comes from a mild 351 Cleveland with Hooker headers, an Edelbrock carb, and dual exhaust. The interior is mostly original but also, but nicely redone and without cringe-worthy additions. The most striking part of this charming first-gen might be the custom black roll cage. Because you know, just in case!


We can’t think of anything we’d rather tool around in when temperatures soar. This Bronco effectively represents everything we love about these early Ford SUVs, and more.

If you want to bring it home, you better act fast!

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