Business Insider Compares Raptor to the Silverado Z71

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Comparing the F-150 to the Silverado

The writer begins by pointing out the fact that the Z71 is a package, not a trim level like the Raptor, and while costing $4,000 less, it is far less extreme than the F-150.

Now, before we look at what this guy did discuss, we should point out that at no point does he mention the off-road capabilities of these two trucks. In fact, he doesn’t talk about driving dynamics at all, simply mentioning power figures and 0-60 times for both trucks before stating that the Raptor was clearly the better performance truck.

Silverado 1500 Z71

He points out that the Silverado Z71 can tow a little more than the Raptor and that it seems more capable of work due to the fact that the interior is more like a work truck with some premium upgrades. He also states that the GM infotainment system is easier to use, but he doesn’t go into any detail as to how it is better. He does explain that the tradition four-door design of the Silverado – which is available with the Raptor – makes the Chevy a better family truck.

The Verdict

The reviewer finds in favor of the F-150, stating that it is the “gnarliest pickup on the block because it wants to be”, but at the same time, he believes that the Silverado offers “probably better pickup-truck versatility than the specialized Raptor”.

We are quite sure that Raptor owners would disagree that its performance capabilities prevent it from being a great work truck, but at least the writer appreciated the power of the most-powerful Ecoboost F-150.

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