Restored Canadian Military 1940 Ford F8 eBay Find

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canadian ford f8

If you want to own a piece of Canadian military history, and Ford history for that matter, step right up.

Check out this 1940 Ford CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) F8, which was given a complete frame-up restoration in 2009, and garaged ever since. This tough mutha is currently up for auction on eBay in Phoenix, Arizona with the reserve not yet met (the one bid so far was for $5,000 USD.)

Since the original flathead Ford V8 seems to have disappeared, the owner fitted her with a 100-hp 1946 Mercury engine instead. And because the original manual took up too much foot space, he swapped it out for an automatic. Oddly enough, he left the third pedal in the cab, presumably for nostalgia’s sake, though it’s been rigged to work as another brake pedal now.

f8 gauge

The F8 also features the canvas cargo cover seen in the pics, 9″ x 13″ Knobby tires from India (one of only three suppliers on this planet), and a gauge cluster that will make all your hipster friends jealous of its retro-coolness.

If you believe the eBay ad, the truck “has been a steady trophy winner, including First Place at the ‘Wheels of Britain’ show here in Phoenix in 2013.” So it’s got that going for it too. Which is nice.

This eight hundredweight version F8 was one of about 500,000 built in Canada, with Canadian Department of National Defense and British War Office specs between 1936 and 1940. According to Bring-A-Trailer, these trucks saw action in every theater during WWII.

If this sounds like your brand of awesome, head on over to eBay and throw down, there’s still four-plus days to bid.

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Via [Bring-A-Trailer]

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