Bully Dog Triple Dog For 7.3L Powerstroke Released

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Bully Dog Technologies has released their revolutionary Triple Dog Downloader for the older Ford 7.3 Powerstroke diesels. The Triple Dog Downloader provides additional power, performance, fuel economy and safety all in one package.

The Triple Dog Downloader features a wide variety of power settings including the “Tow Mode” which is designed specifically to achieve optimum performance and economy while towing a trailer or fifth wheel, to the “Extreme” setting that provides more then 100 additional horsepower to the wheels. The Triple Dog downloader also increases the fuel economy. In addition to the added power, performance and fuel economy, the Triple Dog features a number of valuable tools allowing for the adjustment of transmission shift points and defueling points.

Take the Tripe Dog for a free test drive with the Tri Before You Buy temporary download now available for the Ford 7.3 powerstroke diesels. For further information or to locate your nearest Bully Dog dealer visit www.bullydog.com

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