Bullnose F-150 Flareside Receives Much-deserved Refresh

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1984 Ford F-150 Flareside

Flareside trucks like this ’84 F-150 were once all the rage. But this FTE member is determined to bring this one back.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, Flareside pickups were all the rage. Heck, Ford even built the Ranger Splash, which used that particular bed style exclusively. And they sold like hotcakes. But somewhere along the line, we fell out of love with Flaresides. Most likely because their stylish design resulted in a large decrease in usable bed space. So when we see a resto project like the one FTE member Rembrant has going on here in the forums, we tend to get a little overwhelmed with nostalgia.

“After reading all of the other old Flareside bed threads on here over the last year, the time (Winter) has finally come to starting ripping my old truck apart. The fun stuff is already done. New engine, 5-speed swap, all new front end suspension. Now I have to move on to actually cleaning up the grungy appearance of the old girl. There is a space at work that I’m able to use. So that’s where I started on the weekend.”

1984 Ford F-150 Flareside

Unfortunately, removing the bed revealed some hidden rust. And it was serious enough for the OP to declare the headboard and front sill finished. But it wasn’t all bad news, thankfully.

“The underside of the bed was well preserved with undercoating. And it looks like the bed floor crossmembers are all reusable. I have since removed the fenders, tail lights, steps, and rear sill. Try to do everything myself, but the 75 or so carriage bolts in the bed finally got the best of me. I need somebody to assist from the floor side of the bed to push on the bolt heads.”

1984 Ford F-150 Flareside

With the bed out of the way, the OP was able to also see what work needed to be done to the chassis.

“And finally, a sexy under-bed shot. I need to clean all of the old undercoating (and rust) off the frame. I’ll get everything all smooth and shiny again, and then put a fresh coat of black paint on everything. While I’m under here, I’ll also be replacing the cab mounts, leaf spring bushings, the fuel tank and fuel line, all brakes and brake lines and cables. Oh, I’ll also be replacing the cab corners while the bed is off.”

1984 Ford F-150 Flareside

It’s pretty early in the process, but so far we love where this old F-150 Flareside is going. And we bet that it won’t be long before this old school beauty is looking like new again. So be sure and head over here to follow along as this old Bullnose F-150 receives the attention it very much deserves!

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