A Rare, Right Hand Drive 1966 Ford F-100 Build

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FTE Build

Everyone loves a solid custom build. Of course, how could one not? They never fail to be impressive, praiseworthy, and jealousy-provoking.

Build from regular machines into flawless masterpieces, we have a hard time believing that anyone out there wouldn’t admire rides such as these. Even so, to each their own. Nonetheless, we will continue to stare in awe at these outstanding rides whenever they present themselves!

FTE member F100 wannabe has taken on his own custom build, and it is definitely coming along well! The ride is a 1966 Ford F-100 and is, strangely enough, right hand drive. Given that he lives in Australia we wouldn’t say that this is too strange, but seeing a right hand drive Ford is always a rarity!

Nonetheless, this is not the main point with this ride. No, the main thing we love about this old school F-100 is it’s custom look and perfect condition. Having been built up from a regular fifty year old rig, we couldn’t be more happy with the results!

Check out F100 wannabe’s build thread and show your support!

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